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Social Security Cases


Social Security Disability Attorney

Do you suffer from a mental or physical disability that is preventing you from being able to work or perform your everyday activities? Want to know if you qualify for Social Security Benefits? We can help!

Get the assistance you need from a caring attorney who has been helping adults and children with Social Security and SSI cases since 1994.

Easily File Your Disability Claim Or Appeal

  • Claims for disability benefits
  • No fee unless we get benefits for you
  • Aggressive attorney by your side
  • Social Security hearings
  • Supplemental Security Income claims
  • Child SSI claims
  • Social Security administrative hearings
  • Federal court appeals

Reliable Social Security Disability Representation

Filing for Social Security disability benefits can be a long, daunting experience. Don’t go through it alone. Let The Law Offices of Thomas D. Hall give you the guidance you need.

From filling out the application to representing you at your hearing, we’ll be there with you from the beginning, middle, and end!

We'll Fight To Get You What You Deserve

I will fight to get you the benefits that you deserve. Give me a call at 412-515-1449 for a FREE consultation and get the representation you need today.
Complete Guidance
On Your Social
Security Claim
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Get the guidance you need to navigate the Social Security Disability and SSI process. We'll not collect fees if we're unsuccessful in your case!
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